You know you've been in Cairo a long time when (31-40):

1. You don’t worry if someone overtakes you on the inside lane.

2. You have no qualms about overtaking on the inside lane.

3. You only buy summer shoes that are dust proof or can be easily cleaned.

4. You have no qualms about walking around streets in the West with the same numeric value of relevant currency as you do here, until you notice the shop assistant’s eyebrows raising when she sees $1000 in your wallet when you pay for a coffee.

You know that when you go to the movies for the 6pm showing you don’t need to turn up before 7pm as that’s when the trailers start.

6. Having watched too much MBC, you dream about Jeremy Paxman.

7. You notice how expensive everything is getting.

8. You start forgetting which words are spelled with a ‘B’ and which with a ‘P’.

9. You notice how crude lyrics to Western popular music are, especially in comparison to those of Arabic pop.

10. Amr Diab starts being sexy.

8 thoughts on “You know you've been in Cairo a long time when (31-40):

  1. I just had to laugh after reading your profile. I’m blonde and I’ve been to Cairo (visiting not living) and yes it does make a difference!!!

  2. Lynda: better than that, I carry UKP1000! Come along!

    Beachhutman: I speak enough Arabic not to have that problem. I do forget a lot of English though and I don’t realise until I’m back in the UK and find myself feeling semi-illiterate!

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