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Vasavasa Paris



I recently discovered that there is a new gelateria in Paris called Vasavasa – Gelateria Siciliana. It is right on one of my main routes. My waist is screaming at me to find a new route. My tastebuds are in heaven!

Vasavasa sorbet

Strawberry and lemon sorbets with gelato making machine in background.

All the gelato is handmade in the shop (from what I understand) and it tastes amazingly fresh. The shop is open until 11pm – from what I remember – so it is perfect for a post dinner walk and treat! It is also a great location for anyone visiting the Eiffel Tower (and who comes to Paris without doing that – ok, me before I moved here, but had I known that I could have great ice cream, that may have been different!) and/or for a cool dessert after picnicking by the Seine or in Champs de Mars.

Just before writing, I did a quick Google, to see if there is a website. It seems that there is..and it’s in Italian. And you know what I discovered? They have four branches in Italy (Milan and Turin)! Yes, folks, that means it’s eaten-in-Italy real gelato. To be honest, that’s not hugely important to me, because what I have had has all tasted fantastic, but it is nice to know.

Vasavasa Paris

What they serve...yum!

It’s also a pretty gelateria. That matters to some of us. Stainless steel, clean lines of marble and a (non-tacky) chandelier. More Parisian looking than a lot of Parisian places. That’s also a delight for some of us (probably the non-Parisians!).

Vasavasa Paris
34 Avenue de la Bourdonnais, 75007 Paris
Tel. 33147058430

On the map here (it shows it as being in the right place, but wrong side of road!).


Unfortunately, I have not been asked to write about Vasavasa. I am, however, completely open to tokens of gratitude from Vasavasa in any gelato form. Just sayin’.



5 thoughts on “Gelato Paris – Vasavasa

  1. Should I thank you for this new ice cream address? No, lol. I usually go to Amorino which is a 10 minute walk from my flat. But I’m quite open to trying a new one, just glad it is so far away that I will have to make a concerted effort to get there, at least with it being so far, there is no chance of going every day!

  2. Nice fittings indeed, however never judge a book by the look of its cover.

    I find their ice cream pretty dull with a relatively oily after taste, probably a Sicilian heritage. As far as sweetness goes, it is better then amorino. My favourite overall remains by far the pioneer of real Italian gelato in Paris Pozzetto and, for the taste (but not the texture) some (not all) of Berthillon’s sherbets.

  3. I (luckily) have not noticed an oily taste in any of the gelato or sorbetti I’ve had! Sounds like I’ll have to try out Pozzetto and Berthillion too though.

    Ooh, the hardship ;)

  4. this is the best ice cream place in Paris. i had the same addiction than with Bertillon 20 Years ago before it becomes famous and therefore industrialise most of its production. Vasavasa is really worth a visit. It is fabulous.

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