People watching in Paris

pink socks top

I love to watch people. How they walk, how they move, what they’re wearing and where they’re from have always fascinated me. Usually I just drink it all in and enjoy, rather like watching a film. Occasionally though, somebody surprises me (like intergalactic Grandma) and I’m shaken out of my reverie. This takes quite some doing as I have been consciously people watching for at least fifteen years, everywhere I’ve been.

I’m not sure if this man was a scout leader, something that only ocurred to me when I got the photo onto a bigger screen and saw the inverted triangle on his t-shirt and payed more attention to his hat.

Think about it though, what do you expect him to be wearing below the knees?

Think hard. Harder.

Here you go:

pink socks

Now I BET you weren’t thinking of pink knee-high socks and orange shoes!

One thought on “People watching in Paris

  1. after having lived in egypt for three years, every time i see a man in shorts now, i immediately think that any self-respecting egyptian man wouldn’t be caught dead in these ghastly garments. i have developed a serious aversion and allergy towards men in shorts, no matter the occasion. i can’t help but cringe. it is the antidote of elegance. i am young, but i can’t stand the casual, sloppy look of pastel-colored half-pants partnered with sneakers the size of a house. and slowly those awful western hip fashions are beginning to penetrate into egypt, because i see young men increasingly adopting this most unfortunate look. it has been so nice to walk for hours through the busy streets of Cairo in a beautiful sea of long dark-colored pants, and dress shirts, only occasionally being interrupted by pockets of foreigners, to be spotted from miles away in their shiny whites, so completely unaware how ridiculous they look. seriously. i have decided to only visit the West in the winter to be spared this painful onslaught of ugly pastels and unshapely naked legs everywhere. not to mention the embarrassing cleavage of many women.
    i got spoiled being in Egypt. it has a changing effect. it really makes you realize how personal the naked flesh is. not to be hung out and about compulsively, but to honor as something sacred. oh, how i would have loved to live in the golden age.

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