What I think you’ll think

I’m not a tidy person. Never have been. That I’ll freely admit. I can’t, however, stand dirt, dust, dust bunnies etc., chez moi.* I would clean – once a week would suffice – but arranging papers, folding clothes and the like, well, that could wait. So, I class myself as “clean, not tidy”.

Suddenly, now that Chicklet is here, I find myself cleaning and tidying frequently. I don’t really want to, but feel I must – something takes over! A wiping of the table, a sneaky little vacuum (yes, it was done yesterday, but there’s a little bit of fluff about to appear in the corner), arranging papers, straightening the duvet cover, polishing the tiles…

I came to the realisation that, as a student, if you came around and my flat was a mess, I would think that you wouldn’t think anything of it. Or I wouldn’t think about it at all. It’s a mess, so what? Add a baby to the mix and I feel a pressure: I think you’ll think that I’m “not coping” if things are untidy.

Is this how housewives are born? Eeeeek!

Off to plump a cushion…

*Rather ironically, I don’t notice these things at your place, so don’t worry!

One thought on “What I think you’ll think

  1. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaase come over to mine for a bit of a dust and vacuum? I’ll provide refreshments, Chicklet entertainment and will be ever so grateful! And yes, I also suffer from the ‘I think they’ll think that I am not coping’ syndrome, except I cannot seem to muster the might required to keep up with it all! Yes, I did have my neighbour come in the other day to laundry all over the place, the kitchen looking like a bomb had hit it, my darling son bare bottomed crawling about the floor managing to avoid all of the debris from his dinner, which he had so skillfully slung all over the place only moments before… embarrassed? Moi?

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