About TG

After finally moving to Cairo in 2002, I lived as a young, free, twenty-something, blonde (and that made a difference there), Scottish lass who spoke some Arabic. In 2006, with the help of a chocolate buffet, a certain Mr S entered my life. Not long after, I moved to the adult world of expatville aka The Hood, where talk was in English, people had routines which did not involve going out at around 11pm on a week night and socialising seemed to revolve around children and their school activities. It was in this nowhere-land fog that the Trailing Grouse first flapped her wings.

Now, as expats are want to do, I’ve moved and am living in Paris – the ONLY city in a safe country that I did not want to move to. Having, so far in my life, failed to foster any romantic notions of “gay Paree”, it was not a dream of mine. The good part, however, is that I am totally incapable of being disillusioned by the city and so far have been slowly enjoying life in a ‘free’ country.

Wherever I live, however, دلوقتي جزء مني مصري

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